Bedroom Inspiration

Throw trends out the window and love what you love.

I often find myself pinning to decorate. Many of us do. But at what expense? Financially, emotionally, and wastefully? 

I tend to decorate very simply. Changing only a few things as the years go by. I suppose I start with basic pieces which are often times second hand, (other than a few fiber items) or are useful but are sturdy. I like to start with either a dark or white wall, high contrast pieces or monochromatic pieces highlighting the wood, and a fine rug. I like adding natural elements and focusing on real art. It does not need to cost a fortune. The above pieces were purchased at yard sales and antique stores. Real art has a soul that can not be denied, even a scratch here and there adds to its rich history. I often wondered what these paintings might have seen.

I like linen sheets. I find them to be buttery soft after washings, and I love the way this fiber drapes over and envelopes me. I like the warmth of my down comforter covered with a linen duvet. Just the right weight for me on a nice night. I always keep a wool blanket near me ready to weigh down closer to me and keep me toasty warm. I like to have a long down filled body pillow for those lonely times when I am sleeping alone. I buy the best of these items I can afford.

They last forever and truly make a night’s rest the best it can be. 

I let trends come and go now. I focus on the simple joy of comfort and a peaceful night of sleep. I am inspired by the beautiful art that someone’s mind, body and spirit has created and unknowingly yet graciously shared with me.