Truly Floral

About one year ago, Kelley Barr and Ian VanDam launched their Gin, Truly Floral Blue at Civil Alchemy as an in-house exclusive. It had been a side project Kelley had worked on for some time, but was placed on the back-burner temporarily while they launched the retail store. Once things were in place, the project came back to the forefront of their attention in early 2018. 

It became apparent after a few months that this product was worth sharing, something that foodies, cocktail enthusiasts and bartenders could all appreciate and have a connection with, outside of the Brick and Mortar location. So, in early 2019, our newly formed Truly Floral Spirits Company announced a distribution partnership with Craft Republic of Saint Louis to cover the entire State of Missouri.

As of the Spring of 2019, Truly Floral was carried in over 40 locations statewide, including many highly regarded Cocktail Bars in Kansas City, Saint Louis, and Columbia. 

Keep an eye out for new products being announced in the next year or so, as the duo has some big plans for new products, including two more Floral Gins, as part of a Floral Gin Trilogy.