Oyster Knife
Oyster Knife

Oyster Knife

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Maine Man's Oyster Knife shucks oysters safely and efficiently from the shell without causing damage to the delicate meat

Made from stainless steel and beechwood handle; sturdy, durable

Thick core blade (2-millimeters) with thin edges and tapered, pointed tip tackles the most challenging shells with precision and little effort

Ideal for fried, grilled, smoked, broiled, roasted, or raw oysters; casino or Rockefeller style, oyster stew, stuffing, tacos, or po-boy, and more

Contoured handle with built-in safety guard protects against injury; blade can be resharpened; compact for storage

Size: 6.10" x 1.12" x 1.5", with 2.64" blade


Hand wash in warm, soapy water