Mauresque Punch 5

Mauresque Punch 5

Punch 5
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We’re transporting you to the aromas of the Moroccan souk: complex melange of roasted nuts, freshly toasted spices, and the smell of citrus -- oranges and lemons -- basking in the desert sun.  This is an unlikely meeting place of mid-century sophistication and old world sorcery.  Enjoy with your favorite gin or aged rum. 

Featured Ingredients

  • Almond
  • Anise
  • Cassia
  • Blood Orange

Fill your punch with suggested (or desired) spirit, allow it to INFUSE/STEEP for 24-72 hours, and STRAIN.  Once infused, the spirit can be kept at room temperature. It’s recommended to consume the infused spirit within 60 days.  The libations can be served simply over ice and cut with sparkling water.  Punch 5 Libations’s website and social media accounts contain many recommendations and serving suggestions.